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“How to Overcome Procrastination When You Have ADHD”

Tuesday, April 25, at 8:00 EDT

In this Webinar you will learn:

  • How to eliminate procrastination once and forever

  • Proven techniques that successful people use to be more efficient

  • Easy strategies that you can use immediately to stop procrastinating and start creating the life you desire

This Teleseminar is for you if you have ADHD and

  • You are constantly putting off until tomorrow the things you should be doing today

  • You wait until the last minute to take care of important tasks

  • You feel stressed and frustrated at not being able to get done what you want and need to

  • Procrastination is keeping you from being successful in your professional and/or personal life.


The teleseminar will be facilitated by Coach Ted Behr.
Ted_BehrHe works with adults with ADHD whose lives are a constant struggle.  He helps them gain clarity and order in their lives so that they can create the life that they desire.

He applies what he's learned in 18 years of his coaching business and decades of experience with his own ADHD to help his clients to overcome the challenges of their ADHD.  They are able to build on their strengths in order to become effective and productive and live happier and more fulfilled lives.   

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"Thanks for an outstanding Procrastination teleclass, Ted. I found your content to be fresh and your delivery to be engaging. You really know your stuff, and facilitated lively discussion among the participants. I'm sure we all took away new insights and tools. On a scale of 1-10, that one rates a 9.9 from me!."

-- Leslie Seabury, Breakout Coaching.