Pump Up Your Productivity:

How to Have a Happier, More Fulfilled Life by

Working Smarter, Not Harder

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Do you struggle to get everything done that you need to?

Do you find yourself scrambling to meet deadlines?

Do you wonder why your To Do list gets only half done?

Would you like to get more stuff done with less stress and less effort?


Worksmarter bullseye legitIn order to achieve your goals and live a happy and fulfilled life, you must be able to get the things done that will get you there. This workshop will provide you with information and strategies that will dramatically increase your ability to be productive.  You don’t need to learn how to manage your time better; you need to learn how to manage yourself better.  We will be looking at some of the ways that we get in our own way that keep us from getting done what we need and want to.

This workshop is for you if you are struggling to be successful in your personal and/or professional life.  In this case, it is very likely that difficulty in completing the tasks and projects that are necessary to achieving your goals underlies your inability to get where you want to go.  This workshop will directly address these issues.

At this interactive workshop you will learn about:

  * 3 productivity killers and the impact they have on your success

  * How to overcome the big “P” (Procrastination)

  * 7 simple solutions for dealing with these obstacles

  * Eliminating the negative mind chatter that is constantly going on in your head

When:  May 3, 10:00 – 1:00 PM

Where:  195 Harvey St., Cambridge, MA 

Cost:  $49 ($39 early-bird fee expires 4/24/15 4/27/15)

Facilitated by: Ted Behr, M. Ed., CPCC, ACC

Space is limited.  Sign up today!

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About Ted Behr

Coach Ted Behr works with adults with ADHD and others who have similar challenges in the areas of organization and productivity, and he helps them to overcome those challenges so that they can become effective in their lives, reach their goals and live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Ted has ADHD himself, and having ADHD and working for himself is a tough combination. So he also has struggled (and continues to struggle) with being organized and productive. But with the help of his coaches, he has had to learn how to deal with those challenges and accomplish what he needed to in order to run his business and his life.

Intelligent, witty and wise, he energizes and inspires the experienced, intelligent professionals he serves. He is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation and holds a certification as a Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from The Coaches Training Institute as well as specialized training in ADD/ADHD coaching.


What some of Coach Ted’s clients say:

“If you’re looking at your life, I cannot say enough about the impact of working with Ted to refine, create, imagine and strategize changes and new directions. He has had a significant long-lasting impact on my life. He is personable, has high integrity and gets great results. If you’ve ever considered using a coach, this is the man.”

    – Lisa Dennis, President, Knowledgence Associates, Cambridge, MA

“Working with Ted has given my life the jumpstart it sorely needed. In working with Ted, I realized that my life dream of being a working artist had been ignored for quite a few years. We’ve explored ways to make that happen and get my life back on track toward the kind of life I want to be living. Ted is very generous, supportive, and easy to talk with. I have more work yet to do, but with Ted’s guidance I have no doubt that I will find my path.”

   – Naomi R., Artist, Web Designer and Educator

 “What can I possibly say about the life transforming experience of working with a coach as talented as Ted?  He helped me uncover and give voice to the values that drive my decisions, helped me notice when I was (and wasn’t!) honoring those values, and patiently nudged me back on track when I veered from my stated intentions. My work with Ted truly helped to change the path of my life!” 

      –– Matt Aspin, Training & Development Manager, ECU|Centerpoint, Seattle, WA

For more information, contact Ted at coachted@tedbehr.com.