Expressway to Success is devoted to putting you on the Fast Track to an Organized Life. If your goal is to lead a meaningful and satisfying life, doing work that you are passionate about, spending time doing activities that hold the highest value for you, and making a contribution to your community and your world, then we can help you out. Every person comes to coaching with their own set of goals and dreams. To ensure that you get the most out of your coaching experience, I offer a variety of coaching services.

Individual Coaching

Are you serious about making the time and financial commitment to achieving your goals? Individual coaching provides you with the structure, support, accountability and resources you need to successfully create the life that you desire and deserve. When I coach you in private, one-on-one sessions, my entire focus is on you and your goals.  We meet by phone or Skype four times a month for 30 – 60 minutes.  Unlimited email support and brief check-in and support calls in between as needed are included.

Group Coaching

What life changes could you achieve with the support of a group and a coach? Create your joyful life by leveraging the structure, support, accountability and resources of group coaching and the moral support of your fellow group members. When you participate in group coaching, you will enjoy the dynamic of working with a number of others who are also on the Expressway to Success. Not only will you benefit from the direct coaching you receive, you will also learn from the coaching that I do with others. Group coaching calls are scheduled at regular times and conducted on a tele-conference bridge that you access from your home or cell phone.

Our Promise

Expressway to Success is serious about our clients getting results. That’s why we offer a MONEY BACK guarantee on our services. If, after the first 30 days, you feel you are not receiving the expected value and results from your coaching, your coaching fees will be refunded in full.